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Investment Products for RIAs/Financial Advisors

Digital Assets

Synchronicity is your trusted resource for digital asset investment solutions since 2017. Advisors need a trusted, straightforward, transparent, and easy process for clients demanding cryptocurrency investment exposure and access while keeping risk concerns for each client at the forefront. Contact us for a conversation on how we can be your trusted partner.

We provide financial advisors an easy path towards fulfilling client demand for cryptocurrency investment. Advisors are able to establish an innovative "real-time venture capital" offering  sub-advised by a team of investment professionals with combined over 40+ years trading, risk-management, portfolio management, and investment experience along with over 10+ years cryptocurrency trading and blockchain expertise. Synchronicity's leadership invests significant personal and firm capital into all of our offerings. Partner with Synchronicity to facilitate new client acquisition and meet this emerging demand while increasing portfolio diversification opportunities in this emerging asset class.

Income and Global Macro

Synchronicity offers the following custodian-agnostic unique strategies for Advisors interested in supplementing their traditional investment management:



VC stands for Venture Capital and in this case refers to both digital assets and stocks being relatively early in their lifecycles and therefore thematically akin to Venture Capital in that respect.  Liquid refers to the fact that these assets are actively traded daily on exchanges as opposed to traditional VC where shares rarely trade even 1x per year.

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